(Assessment Period 1stApril, 2020 to 30th September, 2021)


IRA recognize outstanding achievers in the business of retail.
(The entrant can participate in more than one award category if qualifies as per eligibility criteria and meets the definition of concerned award category)



  1. IMAGES Most Admired Phygital Retailer
    (Assessment period: April 2020 -September 2021)

  2. This award will recognise retailers that have been able to enhance physical channels by integrating digital technology and information, and online retailers who have been successful in reproducing human, personalised experiences normally offered by in-store shopping.

    Definition: Retailer of any one of the below mentioned categories with physical and/or online presence.

    The combined jury verdict will ultimately decide the finalists in titles:
    • “IMAGES Most Admired Phygital Retailer: Department Store
    • “IMAGES Most Admired Phygital Retailer: Fashion and Lifestyle,
    • “IMAGES Most Admired Phygital Retailer: Salon Spa,Wellness
    • “IMAGES Most Admired Phygital Retailer: Cafe
    • “IMAGES Most Admired Phygital Retailer: CDIT
    and so on in below formats

    Fashion & Lifestyle (Menswear western, Menswear Indian, Womenswear Western, Womenswear Indian, Kidswear, Jeans & Casualwear , Ethnic, Active Sportswear, Innerwear, Lingerie, etc)
    Fashion Accessories / Luggage / Footwear / Sports goods & Fitness Equipment / Jewellery / Eyewear / Timewear / Leisure (books, music, gifts/ toys etc.) / CDIT / Pharmacy & Wellness products / Beauty Products / Salons, Spas & Fitness Services / Mobile & Telecom / Home & Office Improvement / Foodservice / Food & Grocery (Supermarkets).

    Across all formats: Department Store, Hypermarket, Specialty Stores, Kiosk, Express Formats, Online Store, E-Retailer, etc.

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  3. IMAGES Most Admired Retailer: Travel Retail
    (Assessment period: April 2020 -September 2021)

  4. Definition: Retailers located mainly at transport hubs like airports, railway stations, bus stations and metro stations, etc, catering to spontaneous/impulse buys of transiting passengers .

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  5. IMAGES Most Admired Retailer: Entertainment
    (Assessment period: April 2020 -September 2021)

  6. Definition: Operators of multiplexes or retail chains providing entertainment through gaming and fun zones, play areas and recreational concepts.

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  7. IMAGES Most Admired Retailer: Customer Relations
    (Assessment period: April 2020 -September 2021)

  8. Definition: Retailers who have effectively implemented and managed a customer relationship program.

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  9. IMAGES Most Admired Retailer: Marketing & Promotions
    (Assessment period: April 2020 -September 2021)

  10. Definition: Retailers who have conducted the most effective marketing campaign during the year, using either single or mixed media (including the use of online, social media or mobile) which led to increased footfall, sales and profitability of the brand.

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  11. IMAGES Most Admired Retailer: Employee Practice
    (Assessment period: April 2020 -September 2021)

  12. Definition: Retailer that has conducted the most effective employee practices during the year to maximize employee performance to achieve employer’s strategic objectives.

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  13. IMAGES Most Admired Retailer: Best Turnaround story
    (Assessment period: April 2020 -September 2021)

  14. Definition: Retailers that repositioned and restrategised to drive back consumers during the year, which led to increased footfall, sales & sustainable growth.

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  15. IMAGES Most Admired Retail Launch

  16. Definition: A high-publicity retailer between 1st April 2020 and 30th September 2021, which has drawn significant media and consumer attention.

    1. Exclusive Brand Store Debut
    2. New Store
    3. Flagship Store

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  17. IMAGES Most Admired Retail Group

  18. Definition: A business group or organisation which operates multiple retail formats across verticals and channels, and whose overall growth in the year is based on performance on multiple fronts.

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  19. IMAGES Most Admired Retailer: Retail Re-Imagined
  20. How A Great Concept Was Executed to Perfection!

    Nominations are invited for retailers operating in India who’ve implemented a unique idea, strategy or innovation enhancing or differentiating merchandise/ service and/or in-store/ ecommerce/ social commerce/ omnichannel presentation or promotion – unveiled between April 2020 andSeptember 2021 – with details on its execution and results in terms of creating differentiation, customer or multi stakeholder engagement, increased sales/ consumption with positive feedback/ coverage/ and recognition.

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  21. IMAGES Most Admired Phygital Retailer: D2C
  22. This award will recognise direct-to-consumer companies that manufacture and ship their products directly to buyers via physical channels and/or webstores, bypassing any third-party retailers, wholesalers, or any other middlemen.

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IMAGES Most Admired Retailer: Tech Implementation

Recognising Retailers/ Technology partners that can demonstrate delivery of outstanding shopping experiences to customers across all channels via best practices in tech through the retail value chain.
The category covers excellence in the technology deployment in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Loyalty & Customer Engagement
  • Project Management & Governance
  • Mobile Commerce
  • In-Store Experience
  • Social Marketing
  • Enterprise Solution
  • Analytics & AI
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Omnichannel Optimisation

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Form Submission

Please provide complete information and submit the form by 31st Oct 2021 to:

Priti Gupta
Mobile: +91- 8826415472